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Save the world's oceans Through Charitable Partnerships

SafeSea Presale has begun!
Our simple goal is to save the Oceans. We need to be responsible the well beeing of Earth and Sea. Even it is not our habitat, we need to keep Oceans in a generally good condition to benefit from its resources. Use our SafeSea Swap to automatically donate to this noble cause!

Our journey is the answer to a simple cause “Save the OCEAN”

We create a win-win situation by giving you the opportunity to exchange your favorite coins, tokens, make money and became donor during the process. Swapping coins, tokens, get our LP tokens, stake SafeSea or others, it all means you are donating for a good cause without making any effort! Isn’t it great?

The system will automatically put a certain percentage from the swap fee to the donation address. With this ever growing amount we will make donations, invest in new projects, inventions aiming to save the Oceans.

SafeSea is a community-focused network with charitable purpose.

Having a community who is eager to help and want to donate for a good cause, is the most important thing. We can connect your favorite or daily activity with a charity act. Your resources will remain intact while you swap tokens, stake them or farm. You do not have to think about allocate a certain amount to a good cause, just do what you do on a daily basis. Swap, stake, farm and you will donate automatically.

Giving a helping hand is a heartwarming situation and you can tell your friends, this is how I help locally to make changes globally.

Mission: create a world of
clean ocean without pollutions

Raising the funds through Safesea Swap is the first step to make a difference. We will donate to different Sea rescue operations, we will looking for investors who have related inventions and fund their projects. Also we help distribute the inventions, make arrangements to companies, countries who may benefit from those inventions. The Profit we create will be distributed further for donations, for funding and for creating relavant projects in the future.

Charity is the key

SafeSea mainly purpose is to create a charity fund for saving the ocean. Our plans are to donate to the selected charity organization, such as Oceana, Save the Whale, Clean Ocean Action, The OCean Foundation. Also we are looking for partnerships with recent inventions which cleans the oceans.

Save the world's oceans Through Charitable Partnerships

Use Safesea Swap for your crypto purchases to donate for a good cause. Provide liquidity by exchange our LP token Safesea Swap to earn money. If you provide liquidity you became a donor as well!

Initial supply & burn

Our Initial Supply : 1,000,000,000,000
Total Initial Token Burn: 45%


Transaction refund: 4% of each transaction goes back to SFS token holders

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2021 Q3 V1

New Webpage

New Whitepaper

Transparent communication and weekly update of our progress

Seeking Partners

Listing on Coinmarketcap

Listing on CoinGecko

2021 Q3 V2

Founding SafeSea Corp. as a legal entity behind the charity

SafeSwap fully funcional

Smart contract audit

Integration to well known wallets

2021 Q4


Community voting on which foundation or institute get our donation

 Token Burn

2022 Q2

Investing in real life project which aim to make a difference (Saltwater to drinking
water, electricity from waves, etc.)

SafeSea merks (t-shirts, mugs, keychains, etc.

Finding New Partners

Our mother sea needs more attention...

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